Oilfield Chemicals in Kuwait

We provide premium products and industry leading advice that help oil and gas service companies operate better. We make it easier, faster and more cost effective than ever to get the chemicals you need. We are continuously working to improve the product quality. For our customers, product quality, reliable supply and on-time delivery is crucial for their service operations. Therefore, our comprehensive supply chain organization is set up to make sure that our products are close to our customers and available to supply when they are needed. We don’t stop there. Our responsive, agile team works closely with you to solve your chemical problems locally. We provide industry-leading advice and solutions tailored to your particular challenge. We are the partner you can depend on for premium, cost-effective oilfield chemical products as quickly as possible. We are Universal Projects

By nature of its adsorption on solid surfaces, the corrosion inhibitor is a surface-active agent with a unique purpose; to protect pipe rather than to change acid behavior in the formation. Corrosion inhibitors do not stop corrosion; they greatly reduce the reaction rate of acid with steel. Proper selection and application of corrosion inhibitors also reduce pitting (the tendency of acid to corrode or dissolve metal deeply in specific sites). Corrosion inhibitors are cationic and oil wetter’s. This is the mechanism by which they adsorb on a metal surface and form an oil-wet film to protect the iron from exposure to acid. Plating out and oil wetting also occur in the formation, especially on clay minerals. To compensate for this, other additives, such as surfactants and mutual solvents, are used to restore water-wetness and maximize permeability to oil.


On completion and over time, downhole well conditions can deteriorate, inhibiting oil and gas production. Our team of R&D chemists focusses on developing products with reduced environmental impact, increased safe handling properties and superior performance. We understand that having the right additives, available promptly, are key challenges of running successful acid stimulation jobs.

The product is a kind of organic polymer-based retarder. It is mainly used in a deepwater cement slurry system. It can effectively prolong the thickening time Of cement slurry with a good regularity and have no influence on other properties of the slurry so as to insure that cementing proceed safely and smoothly. It can be used with water only. It has no special request for the quality of mixing water. No sensitive to dosage, no catastrophe point.
  • ♦ UPC-6 can stick on the surfaces of cement hydrate to inhibit contacting between cement and water, also stick on the surfaces of crystal nucleons to prevent their enlarging. So it can retard hydrating of cement slurry.
      In the oil and gas industry aluminosilicate microspheres are used as an additive in drilling mud when drilling wells for various purposes. It can be used also in construction industry for the manufacture of ultra-light and aerated concrete or be applicated in as insulation materials or composite materials.Hollow ceramic spheres are efficient, lightweight additives that can be used in most all latex, thermoset resin and cement-based products. When Hollow ceramic spheres replace heavier, more expensive components on an equivalent volume basis, they can reduce raw material costs as well as density. All ceramic spheres may be treated by an exclusive process which modifies their surface to allow easier dispersion and improved physical properties in specialized applications such as sheet molding and bulk molding compounds. BSG and BCG are standard, relatively large-sized grades. They are recommended for use in cements, grouts, sealants, roofing and flooring materials.
    Hollow glass microspheres ( also known as glass bubbles are hollow glass spheres made of chemically stable Soda lime borosilicate gla ss with thin walls(wall thickness 1~3.5 μ m which are of five grades with t rue density ranging from 0. 3 2g/ cm ³ ~ cm ³ Y series hollow glass microspheres are used as excellent density reducing agents for oil and gas drilling fluids and cements all over the world.
    Low density drilling fluids made with hollow glass microspheres:
  • ♦Adjustable density in a wide range.
  • ♦Incompressible and uniform in density.
  • ♦Good lubricity, Reduce drilling tool wear.
  • ♦No pollutionfor reservoir.
  • ♦Good stability at high temperature and pressure.
  • ♦No loss of MWD signal.
  • ♦Mud cake quality improved.
  • Our Fluid Loss Additive has characters like: anti high temperature, anti-salt, quick strength development, few free water. The product is appropriate to be used in different kinds of water and cement. It is also a kind of widespread use product, which can be used in different kinds of cement slurry systems. It is not only applicable in freshwater cement slurry, but also applicable in salt water cement slurry.
        Our Fluid Loss Additive has characters like: anti high temperature, anti-salt, quick strength development, few free water. The product is appropriate to be used in different kinds of water and cement. It is also a kind of widespread use product, which can be used in different kinds of cement slurry systems. It is not only applicable in freshwater cement slurry, but also applicable in salt water cement slurry.
      It decreases the fluid loss obviously. Generally less than 50ml. If increasing the dosage, fluid loss will less than 30ml. Effective salt resistance. It can be used in saturated salt water. Thickening time increases slightly as temperature increases in the temperature range of 70 to 90℃. It has no influence on the strength of cement stone. Not sensitive to dosage, no catastrophe point, safety in use.
      Usage Rangke
      Temperature: ≤200℃ (BHCT). Recommend dosage:0.6~0.8% (BWOC). Applicable in every kind of cement slurry systems, which are composed by every grade of oil-well cement(defined by GB10238 or APISpec10A) and other additives(just like silicon powder, drift beads, flyash, bentonite, barite powder and hematite). UPC-U80S can be used together with medium temperature retarder (UPC-U21L).
    The product is a kind of sulfonated aldehyde-ketone condensation polymer dispersants. It can significantly reduce cement consistency and improve rheological behavior of the cement slurry through restraining the coalescence between the cement particles by the steric hindrance Of the large molecule. The product has no adverse effect on fluid loss, settling stabilization, free liquid, thickening time and strength developing.
    • ♦ UPC-44L can effectively reduce consistence of slurry and improve its rheological property. It has no influence on fluid loss, sedimentary stability, free water, thickening time and compressive strength development of slurry.
      NHUSZ is modified polymer which made up of methanal and acetone.
    • ♦ The normal dosage is: 0.3%~0.8% NHUSZ (BWOC), and it is not confined to this range in some particular case.
    • ♦ Dissolve easily.
    • ♦ Increasing additive dosage, it can adjust the rheology of the cement slurry effectively, and reduce the consistency.
    • ♦ With good high temperature resistance, it can be used within 30℃~180℃ (BHCT).
    • ♦ Consolidate cement stones, enhance its compression strength and control fluid loss.
    • ♦ With certain retarding property.
    • ♦ It can be mixed with or without water.
    • ♦ Good compatibility with other additives.
    Excessive foam, froth or air entrainment in cement slurry can cause extreme difficulty in mixing and pumping the slurry, compromising mixing rate and overall job execution.
      ZOC-X66L/CDA40L is a kind of defoamer designed for latex slurry used in cement. It is uniform and stable, has no special odor and irritation. It can eliminate the fine and close bubbles caused by surfactant introduction during the mixing procedure. It can rapidly eliminate bubbles and has a high defoaming rate.
      Usage Range
      ♦Temperature:300C-1800C (BHCT) ♦Recommended dosage:0.5—2.O% (BWOC)
      Gas migration can have an adverse effect on slurries used in front of gas formations. Our liquid latex anti-gas migration additives can block gas from moving through the cement slurry and can do so in wells up to 160°C.Slurry design is one part of the strategy to control gas migration, however many other job design aspects such as effective mud removal, must also be considered.
      The efficient removal of drilling fluids is essential to successful cementing operations. Mud remaining on pipe or formation surfaces, or present as channels through the cement commonly cause loss of isolation of permeable zones under different pressures. The well bore must be cleared to remove drilling fluids and leave surfaces water wet. This in turn leads to a good cement bond.


    We comprehensively cover all aspects Of well cementing. Cement slurry systems and schemes are fully optimized by the latest engineering designs and simulation software to efficiently custom-fit downhole conditions. In addition to a series Of cementing equipment, tools, and accessories sourced from a broad selection Of highly recognized proprietary brands, we possess wide variety Of advanced cementing technologies, cement slurry systems, and cementing additives of own brand. We have great flexibility in meeting the heavy demands of both conventional operations and those with unique and complex geological conditions.The cementing engineering design, cement slurry optimization, analysis and testing, cementing operations execution and supervision. chemicals supply, and all other related services are provided in full compliance with API standards and specifications.

    Universal Projects has several specialized weighting agents for the industry. Micromax® and Microdense® are both unique products, compatible in water based and oil / synthetic based drilling fluid systems. In addition, Maxform® is a suspension of Micromax in saturated Potassium Formate, producing a slurry of 19.2 ppg (2.30 sg).

    Drilling Fluids

    Used for casing cleaning, rig washing, pit cleaning and general removal of oil-based drilling fluid residues from equipment and are used as a pre-flush ahead of a weighted spacer. They were designed to dissolve and emulsify hydrocarbon fractions of mud residues to prepare the well for receiving cement. The products are highly effective in divalent brines, and can be applied with polymer viscosifiers to modify rheology.

    Water Treatment Chemicals in Kuwait

      Higher vitality cost, diminished effectiveness, costly tedious incessant fixes and substitution of gear are altogether aftereffects of scale collection and forceful assaults by cooling water, in the event that it is left inadequately treated for erosion control, consumption, scaling, fouling are the serious issues in cooling water frameworks that can harm the whole framework. The essential target of cooling water treatment is to keep up a superior warmth move effectiveness of cooling framework conferring assurance to the entire plant from erosion and decimation. This consumption issue turns out to be so serious particularly when neighborhood water is utilized for cooling framework because of the incredibly assaulting nature of nearby water. Developing an appropriate water treatment framework especially reasonable for Gulf water is finished through the joint work of Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research and UNIVERSAL PROJECTS KUWAIT, so as to serve the clients around, in a generally logical and practical way. Broad research and field-test by a group of research laborers brought about the improvement of these scope of items. The correct answer for a basic issue of consumption control.
    • ♦A-POLYMER
    • ♦C-POLYMER
    • ♦EDTA

    Commodity Chemicals in Kuwait

    Commodity chemicals (or bulk commodities or bulk chemicals) are a group of chemicals that are made on a very large scale to satisfy global markets. The average prices of commodity chemicals are regularly published in the chemical trade magazines and web sites such as Chemical Week and ICIS.
      • ♦BARITE
      • ♦BENTONITE
      • ♦BORIC ACID
      • ♦CAUTIC SODA
      • ♦CITRIC ACID
      • ♦FORMIC ACID
      • ♦GRAPHITE
      • ♦GYPSUM
      • ♦MDEA
      • ♦METHANOL
      • ♦NITRIC ACID

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